"It turns into a funny and catchy webseries. With a lot of black humor and episodes of 3 to 5 minutes ... you'll finish it before you know it."

- Soldedad Venesio, Out of Series

The Independent Minute Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Valentina Tatton, WatchHollywood

"Finally a zombie webseries as funny as successful"

- Squeletor, My Zombie Culture

"Andy Goldenberg's hilariously far-fetched web series Bad Timing is a refreshingly blood-soaked take on the "odd couple on an island" scenario."

- Stephanie Carrie, LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week

Vail Film Festival Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Megen Musegades, Vail Film Fest

​​"The Bad Timing web story is not only for delicious brains, but also for the heart"

- Mario Giglio, serienjunkies

Tangled Web We Watch Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Stephanie Carrie, tangledwebwewatch.com


- Nina Terrero, Entertainment Weekly

"One of the best zombie spoofs has been the Streamy Award-nominated series BAD TIMING and its complete 19 episode second season offers enough laughs, love and mystery to entertain those who like their comedy with brains."

- Chris Hadley, Snobby Robot

"The Zombies, though few and far between, are beautifully done and a bit different than anything you’ve seen before. They almost feel normal and understated. The way they move and interact with the living cast is incredible. I can only see it getting better as the series continues."

- Dan Lee, Zombie in My Blog

"BAD TIMING has entered my list of top web series. I really wasn’t ready for the character of Andy Silverberg (played by comedian and BAD TIMING creator Andy Goldenberg) to enter my compendium of cherished heroes, for Sam (Becca Leigh Gellman) to become one of my favorite comedic leading ladies, and for ponchos to become cool again."

- Tai Radway, Nerdier Tides 

NOHO Arts District Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Lisa Bianconi, Nohoartsdistrict.com


- Jess Orso, SciFi Mafia

KTLA 5 Morning News Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Allie Mac Kay, KTLA 5 Morning News


"The show’s smart script continues to take center stage...far from your typical zombie series."

-Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter Indie Spotlight

"It’s goofy, hilarious, and makes the zombie genre its own. Nothing is better than when someone thinks outside the box to give you something you aren’t seeing from other series involving the zombie apocalypse."

- Jideobi Odunze, Geeked Out Nation

"A lot of blood and a very funny script"

- JJ Gonzalez Haro, La Voz Digital

​​​"Mr. Goldenberg is the personification of almost every nerd cliche. Aqueela Zoll gives a solid performance as  the unattainable blonde bombshell."

- Rod Faulkner, the7thmatrix.com

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"BAD TIMING succeeds thanks to Goldenberg's amiable goofiness."

- Martin Horsfield, Gwilym Mumford & Simon Wardell, The Guardian

"This is the best web series about the end of the world evah. Funny as hell. Bad Timing is everything The Walking Dead isn't."

- Larry Brody, TV Writer

"A  combination of impending doom, romantic triangle and unrequited love make for a refreshing comedic take on the popular zombie genre."

- Susan Siniawsky, WebVee Guide


SNOBBY ROBOT Interview with Andy Goldenberg

- Chris Hadley, snobbyrobot.com

"The possibilities are endless and there is a lot of potential here for what these characters can do."

- Jideobi Odunze, Geeked Out Nation

"In-your-face humor... a very well made indie film"

- Troy Stegner, El Paso Herald Post

"Direction and production wise this series is killer — it is a good damn web series. And, by good — we mean great. The acting is fantastic, the script is unique, and the blood looks delicious"

- Shareca, The Daily Fandom